Here’s Why A Great Customer Service Resume Is So Important

We live in an age where finding a job can be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever have to do. At the moment of this writing, the unemployment rate in the United States is 6.2%.  It’s getting better as the days pass, but time is luxury that most of us don’t have when it comes to employment.

To make matters a little stickier, the field of “customer service” is overrun with potential applicants.  Though customer service jobs are lucrative–as a category, it’s one of the largest employment fields in America–the best ones will always be competitive.  You’ll be up against a crowd of equally eager prospective candidates, many of whom will share your exact qualifications. Here’s the good news: even though you may automatically be at a “disadvantage” when it comes to sheer numbers, you can still stand out with a great customer service resume.

A well made customer service resume is important.  It can make the difference between a regular applicant and a great applicant.  So put in the work–strive to be the latter.

The Importance of a Great Customer Service Resume

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Have you ever gone to an interview wearing an old pair of jeans and a torn t-shirt? Or in sneakers and a pair of shorts? Of course not! You know that dressing properly is a must if you want to be successful. However, how many of us forget that resumes are as important as interviews! Sending out resumes that are difficult to read, messy, and ambiguous in nature is an act similar to going to the interview dressed in casual attire.

Remember that your customer service resume is your only chance to make a first good impression. If your resume is not up to snuff, prospective employers are going to give somebody else a shot.  When you design your resume, you need to do it with strategy in mind.  For instance, if you’re applying for a customer service representative position, you need to outline the fact that you love working with people, you are patient, you know how to treat those around you, and you are persuasive when talking to potential customers.Use Your Resume to Highlight Skills and Attributes

When building your customer service resume, think about the skills that future employers will be looking for.  Give them a chance to see how well you’ll fit with their business before snagging an interview.  Here are some things you should consider including:

  • Previous experience related to customer service.
  • Impact you made on your previous companies’ sales.
  • A list of your honors and achievements.
  • Specific projects and task you participated in.

Remember this: the goal of writing a top-notch customer service resume is to get as many interview invitations as possible. The more interviews you have, the higher the chances you have at snagging a job you’re going to want.

Achievements and Previous Experience

If you really want your resume to set you apart from other applicants, you need to make sure it communicates your relevant experience and unique skills. Employers such as popular UK company The Contact want to be sure that you can provide service that exceeds the expectations of their customer.  They also want to ensure that you understand the importance of your work, as you will ultimately identify with the corporation you’re working for.

If the position you apply for involves sales, you should mention your confidence and outgoing nature, complemented by your strong determination to achieve measurable results. Remember, employers aren’t interested in people looking for another job, They’re searching for employees dedicated to providing top-notch customer service.

A high-volume workload means that you can perform well under pressure. If you know you can meet performance benchmarks, such as volume, accuracy and speed, do not hesitate to mention them in your resume.  Don’t hesitate to include facts and figures that relate to your department. For instance, write down how many customers you have converted over a period of one month or how many customers gave you a 5-star feedback. It is inevitable that you may have had to deal with difficult customers. If you have managed to transform a disastrous situation into one with positive outcome, do not forget to add that to your resume.


However, if you have no experience whatsoever in customer service, try to find out those moments when you demonstrated some of these skills in “real world” scenarios. You may provide examples of volunteer, personal or community work that demonstrates your strong desire to go above and beyond.

Well Made Parts to a Great Whole

A well-made customer service resume can definitely set you apart from other applicants, allowing you to win that well-deserved position in the best company on the market.  Make sure you take the time and plan your resume out before turning it in.  When you’re ready to take the next step, check out the following articles and learn how to make the individual parts of your resume.

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