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Zhejiang Lizhi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a heavy industry machinery manufacturing company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. After years of precipitation and accumulation, years of high-quality after-sales service and excellent product quality, Fade Heavy Industries has established a good image in the market. Zhejiang Lizhi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. Because of our integrity, strength and product quality, we are recognized by the industry.
The company mainly develops and produces all kinds of crushing, screening, grinding, washing, feeding, conveying machinery and cement equipment, artificial sand and gravel processing and other complete sets of equipment. The products are widely used in various metal and non-metal mining and building materials, Transportation, urban construction, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, energy development, construction waste and solid metal waste recycling and reuse industries. The company has domestic first-class production equipment and sophisticated testing instruments. Every aspect of the product has undergone strict testing to ensure that the products meet high standards when they leave the factory. In addition, the company maintains long-term close cooperation with many large companies. Product development, update, and improvement provide a strong technical guarantee.
"Talents are the guarantee of quality", the company extensively absorbs all kinds of highly skilled talents every year, and conducts regular, oriented, and fixed-post training for in-service employees to continuously improve their quality and skills to meet the company's growing needs.
The company has independent import and export management rights, has a dedicated international trade department, and has a professional team proficient in international trade business, providing exquisite, efficient and fast services to foreign merchants around the clock. Over the years, Fade people have been based on their own duties, conscientious, and constantly innovating, always strictly abide by "integrity", persist in "seeking truth", strive for "innovation" and "forge ahead." In order to create excellent "quality of hair", we are still making unremitting efforts!
Zhejiang Lizhi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the idea of "doing things seriously, being responsible to the end" for many years in the fiercely competitive machinery industry market, and has won a good reputation from many old customers. Therefore, it has discovered and brought a lot of achievements for the company. New customers, over time, the company gradually began to transform from a humble small business, and gained a firm foothold in this industry.

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