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Service Center

【Service philosophy】

Service is an important part of the life of a product and an extension of the product. Customer evalsuation is a measure of quality. High-quality service must not only meet the apparent needs of guests, but also meet the hidden needs of guests predictably. Paying attention to service is the company's consistent style. The company's engineers and technicians can provide customers with comprehensive pre-sales technical support and perfect after-sales service.

【Pre-sale service procedure】

1) The customer informs the company of the required production line, equipment parameters, requirements and plant (locations) conditions (or the company takes the initiative to inquire at the customer unit).

2) The technical department makes technical plans based on the situation provided by the customer.

3) The technical department cooperates with the sales staff to organize the preparation of bidding documents and quotation work.

4) The general manager organizes contract review work to confirm that the company's various capabilities and resources can meet customer requirements.

5) Participate in bidding work.

【After-sales service procedure】

1) Help customers or construction units to install our company's products correctly. This includes inspection of installation conditions, installation and commissioning of equipment, and monitoring of the installation process.

2) After receiving the customer's request for service, the Engineering Technology Department should immediately organize relevant personnel to formulate countermeasures for the problem and send service personnel to the customer site within the time required by the customer.

3) After the service personnel arrived at the scene, they extensively solicited customer opinions, carefully checked the system and equipment, carefully analyzed the cause of the problem, and quickly eliminated the equipment failure. General problems should be resolved every day, and complex problems should be reported to the Engineering Department in time and plan measures should be worked out on the same day, all of which should be handled within a week to restore the equipment to normal.

4) At the end of the service, the "Customer Feedback Form" should be filled in in time, and the processing results and the cause of the failure should be written into a report. Customers are required to sign and approve on the "Customer Feedback Form" to achieve customer satisfaction before returning.

5) The Engineering Technology Department conducts careful analysis and research on the content of the "Customer Feedback Form", and organizes relevant personnel to propose corrective measures for the problems found in order to further improve the technology and improve the quality.

【service quality】

1) Providing standardized technical services for customers is one of the reasons why Shanqi Machinery enjoys a good reputation in the market.

2) We have the strength to provide you with comprehensive professional golden key engineering services with very good technology, excellent management and comprehensive solutions.

3) Quick response, correct plan and efficient on-site processing capabilities are our service tenet. We dare to promise that our technical service engineers are experts in the industry.

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