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Steel slag recycling production line

The steel slag crushing production line is a production line that our company responds to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, according to the characteristics of steel slag hardness and other characteristics, after reasonable configuration of equipment, for the recycling and reuse of resources such as steel slag.

【Applicable materials】:Steel slag etc.

【Application field】:After processing, steel slag can be used as smelting solvent, cement raw material, construction aggregate, foundation backfill, railway ballast and road paving, brick and tile and other building materials, steel slag fertilizer and soil amendment, etc.

【Device Configuration】:Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, iron remover (magnetic separator)


1. The steel slag crushing production line adopts jaw crusher for coarse crushing and hydraulic cone crusher for medium and fine crushing, with high crushing efficiency and low equipment wear.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, in line with national requirements.

3. High degree of automation, low operating cost and reasonable equipment configuration.

4. The grade of scrap steel can reach 80-95% after being cleaned and smelted.

5. A turnkey project that provides multiple supporting services.

【working principle】

The raw materials (below 350mm) enter the vibrating feeder, the grate of the vibrating feeder is set to 100mm, and the raw materials less than 100mm from the vibrating feeder directly enter the cone crusher, and the raw materials greater than 100mm enter the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. The material from the jaw crusher enters the cone crusher for secondary crushing. Before the cone crusher, an iron remover is added to remove iron and large iron pieces are removed. After the cone is crushed, an iron remover is added to remove the fines in the steel slag. The material passing through the iron separator enters the vibrating screen for screening, and the material larger than 10mm returns to the cone crusher to continue the previous process, and the material smaller than 10mm is the finished product output.

【Process diagram】

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